A Belonging and Alienation


Born and raised in Scarborough, Hibah has lived in the Agincourt area for more than 18 years. Born to immigrant Pakistani and Indian parents, Hibah tells the story of what it means to be a first-generation Canadian living in Scarborough and navigating the world to find her own roots and identity. Like most children of the diaspora, Hibah notes that her connection to her mother and father’s homeland is still a work in progress and complicated.

However, Hibah finds comfort and community in Agincourt. Although there is a lack of her ethnic and cultural community representation in Scarborough, the diversity and multiculturalism in Agincourt makes her feel at home. Finding acceptance and support from the community and institutions there, such as the schooling system, has shaped her direction in life and who she is as an individual. Receiving the care from her teachers, classmates, and friends, Hibah applies the support she received while at school and advocates for better education equality and resources to be invested in Scarborough. Hibah hopes that Agincourt will continue to be a loving, caring, and supportive community.

Hibah: Narrative Audio Clip

We gave Hibah a disposable camera to capture the sights, sounds, and experiences that feel like Agincourt. Here are her photos: