A Sobering Reality


Rahul Balasundaram is a social activist, migrant rights worker, community builder, and soccer enthusiast. Born and raised in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Rahul moved to Agincourt when he was young. When Rahul arrived in 2008, he already felt the connection to Scarborough. Rahul notes

the multiculturalism, diversity, and support he received from Agincourt when he and his family first moved in. From the warmth and openness he received, he knew that Agincourt was home. 

Working in the non-profit sector, Rahul is passionate about raising awareness about issues in his Agincourt and Tamil communities in Scarborough. Understanding the shortcomings of the political systems and how his communities lack the support and resources, Rahul volunteers his time working with small non-profit organizations and mutual aid efforts to promote more equity and access. Rahul hopes that Agincourt will continue being a welcoming and safe space for migrants and see social and economic improvements in the community.

Rahul Balasundaram: Narrative Audio Clip

We gave Rahul a disposable camera to capture the sights, sounds, and experiences that feel like Agincourt. Here are his photos: