It Always Comes Back to Land


Born in Agincourt in 1991, Shaina-Sarah Evero Isles Fedelin Agbayani (or simply Sha) is the daughter of parents who immigrated to Tkaronto with paths of sacred care work as part of their journey. Their roots are in Quezon, Batangas, and Mindoro, Romblon, and Ilocos Sur. After moving to Markham and then to Tio’tiah:ke to study Political Science and Equity Studies at McGill University, she recently answered the call to return to the neighbourhood and home that she grew up in.

The practise of holding space for self and community care as sacred labour is central part of Sha’s life. Currently working as a community arts facilitator for Greenhouse Theatre and digestive wellness practitioner + colon hydrotherapist, Sha is also a multidisciplinary creator in the journey of learning how to honor her kinship with all living beings and while exploring the interconnectedness of the land, their original lineage, regenerative stewardship, and healing. Sha is in the process of birthing a healing arts space in Scarborough in 2021.

Sha: Narrative Audio Clip

We gave Shaina a disposable camera to capture the sights, sounds, and experiences that feel like Agincourt. Here are their photos: