Joy is our Birthright


Born in 1979 in Scarborough to Guyanese immigrants, Monique Blackman has lived in Agincourt for the majority of her life. She fondly remembers her childhood as fun and carefree, and found safety and comfort in the diversity and the sense of community within her neighbourhood. As someone who has seen her neighbourhood change drastically over the years, Monique hopes that Scarborough and Agincourt will retain their cultural diversity and richness in the years to come. Rooted in community and committed to community care, Monique is a yoga instructor, reiki master, community builder, and spiritual abolitionist, and believes firmly that her purpose is to dismantle colonial structures within wellness and community, to reclaim joy, and to inspire those around her to join her in creating a more caring world.

Monique Blackman: Narrative Audio Clip

We gave Monique a disposable camera to capture the sights, sounds, and experiences that feel like Agincourt. Here are her photos: