It's About People


Gentrification, corporations, early social supports, and what makes the neighbourhood special.

Nerupa Somasale’s family moved into an apartment building on West Lodge Avenue the day before she was born. The building, like others within the community, was a home for many immigrants and newcomers from all over the world. For some, it was a temporary landing spot. For many, it was their home after arriving in Canada.

Walking through the neighborhood, it would not take very long for people to run into someone or something familiar. Tenzin Wangmo recalls standing at the corner of King and Jameson, not too far from the Tibetan community centre she would often visit, and waving to other members of the Tibetan community. It did not matter if she knew them personally or not, it simply illustrated how lively the intersection of King and Jameson was, especially if you were Tibetan.

All of our storytellers note that, while Parkdale is still a very special neighbourhood, it is changing rapidly.

Listen To Rita Cox And Tenzin Wangmo Speak About What Parkdale Means To Them And How It’s Changing.