Regent Park

Survival in Regent Park


Intergenerational trauma, violence, loss, discrimination, and advocacy.

Struggle, loss and perseverance through life’s many challenges is a common thread woven through the experiences of Regent Park residents and community members. Whether it be personal struggles to understand one’s family; coming to terms with the loss of a loved-one; fear of being remembered as someone you’re not; sitting in the face of deep discrimination or having to constantly fight against dominant systems (housing, economic, social, education and cultural): these are challenges that require deep resilience and an ongoing daily resistance by many Regent Park community members. Although this resistance takes a different form for each of them, their persistence and the depth of their strength is shared. 

Listen to Regent Park Community Members Laurie Okimawinew, Elsaida Douglas, Shar-Dey Phipps-Walker, Kevin Myran and Sureya Ibrahim Share Stories of Resilience: