Regent Park

Where I belong


Culture, Indigenous voices, discrimination, and community.

Kevin with an eagle staff in the offices at Toronto Council Fire Cultural Centre

Kevin Myran describes Regent Park as a place that opened up important opportunities for him. He describes living in many places across Canada, including Manitoba, British Columbia and other parts of Ontario. But Kevin believes Regent Park is where he belongs. It is where he has found his deepest sense of community. Kevin says: “The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Regent Park is community; this is a community! Bad things happen in every neighbourhood, but it’s recognized here and people are open about it. That’s what makes it different.” Kevin’s oral history walks us through his life journey. He describes many of the challenges and the discrimination he faced as an Indigeous youth, and shares how his work in Regent Park has deepened his sense of purpose, place and identity.

Kevin Myran on His Youth and What Regent Park Means to Him: