Victoria Park

Job Market

Talking about the arts, paintings, precarious work, qualifications, downgrading, and job security.


The arts, paintings, precarious work, qualifications, downgrading, and job security.

Dentonia Park Avenue runs between the Crescent Town and Oakridge areas. Photo credit: Kathy Grant.

Immigration Canada selected us based on our professional qualifications and years of experience. I was selected as a specialist physician. But, when arriving here, I had to start in a security job. Unlike my profession, where I cared about my patients and did my work from the heart, I do the security job for survival now and it’s very challenging.
Tanveer Ahmed

Newcomers often struggle to find adequate and stable jobs in Canada despite their qualifications, education and experiences from their home country.  A lack of ‘Canadian experience’ limits many newcomers who are looking for a job relevant to their field.. The experiences of Victoria Park residents Tanveer Ahmed, Esam Jlilati, and Shane reflect the common obstacles, and challenges that many immigrants living in Toronto face. Both Tanveer and Shane faced significant challenges when looking for stable jobs, both due to  lack of ‘Canadian experience’ and language barriers. Esam has struggled to find a job that he’s passionate about. In Canada, he has been precariously employed while painting- his real passion on the side. He has always hoped to become a full-time artist but reflects on the challenges and barriers he has faced as an artist in Canada.

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