Victoria Park

A Plane Ticket Arrived in the Mail

Talking about community, support systems, home, neighbourhood, sponsorship, adversity, and memories.


Community, support systems, home, neighbourhood, sponsorship, adversity, and memories.

Veronica shows us some nutmeg from her home country of Grenada. Photo credit: James Malekzadeh

No matter the circumstances of their migration, each of our storytellers has a remarkable story of arrival. Facing adversity, adaptation, and various other obstacles, they persevered and strived in their new homes along Victoria Park.

Veronica Coxall is a great example of this resilient spirit. After her father moved from her home island of Grenada to Trinidad, Veronica’s mother had to support the family on her own. Veronica made many sacrifices in order to help her mother, often missing school to do manual labour on the nearby estates. Veronica and her mother always had great ambitions for her future. When some family friends gave Veronica the opportunity to move to Canada, they knew she had to take it.

After settling in Toronto, Veronica made sure to continue her mother’s generous spirit by supporting her community, working closely with children, and representing for everyone in her neighbourhood of Parmacourt. She is now known locally as “Auntie V” or the mother of the neighbourhood.

Listen To Veronica Coxall Talk About How She Came To Canada And Settled In Her Community.